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C++ | STL Cookbook

A quick lookup for C++ STL

std::unordered_map Official docs: link unordered_map is basically a hash table, comprised of keys and their mapped values. (key, value) pairs are organized into buckets depending on the hash valu...

Linux | File Compression and Extraction

using zip, tar, rar, and 7z

Introduction We compress files into an archive, or extract from one, in the following scenarios: On PC, we free the storage by putting a set of files into an archive. On PC, we download from...

Shell | Shell Cookbook

how to write a shell script

Quick Starter This post is intended for experienced programmers who may have a long history working with C++, Java, or Python, but have no idea how to write a shell script. For these readers, I tr...

Python | Frequently Used Package Tips

personal cheatsheet for frequently used Python packages

NOTICE: I’m having some formatting problem with this post. Sample codes look like a mess on this page. Click here (Github source file) to have a better reading experience. As a dedicated Python ...

Fcitx | A Strange Bug and Its Fix

fcitx crash receiving signal no. 11

A bug of fcitx has troubled me for quite a few days. Every time I used Google Pinyu to input Chinese characters, fcitx crashed and the only characters that I could input were English. When I check...

C++ | Data Structures in Standard Library, a Summary

a summary of standard C++ data structures

Suggestions to myself on writing posts. Try using bullet points to explain an idea. Always remember that copying official documents does nothing more than wasting time. The only thing to help...

Algorithms | Dynamic Programming

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Introduction Suboptimal substructure property Repeated subproblem property Weighted Interval Scheduling Segmented Least Squares Knapsack Problem RNA Secondary Structure

Intel SGX | Enclave Definition Language

how to read a .edl file

This post is a summary of the official document. For detailed information please refer to the original page. Why Need EDL File SGX ensures secret data can only be accessed by codes inside the enc...

Intel SGX | Attestation


This post is simply a note of the official user guide. Refer to the original page for more details. The purpose of attestation is to demonstrate a piece of software has been established on a pla...

Artificial Intelligence | Search Algorithms

search algorithms and python implementations

In this article I will share with you some classic search algorithms in artificial intelligence, as well as an object-oriented code structure in Python that covers all of these algorithms. Althoug...